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REd APPLES of Norwalk is a grassroots non-partisan community coalition organized around improving Norwalk Public Schools by advocating for systematic reform.

Since February, 2010 we have been dedicated to politely, publicly and persistently communicating key education issues and initiatives to parents, Board of Education and City leaders, school district staff, Norwalk businesses and its citizens.  More than 125 residents, educators, parents and politicians  have affiliated and registered their support for our efforts.  We also act as community representatives, working with ConnCan, in statewide advocacy reform initiatives.

As reflected in our name, we believe in Reforming  Education and promote the following principles:

Accountability for all stakeholders in the education process

Parent and community involvement

Pressure to reform the status quo through the use of data and the political process

Leadership, vision and collaboration from those in charge

Educational standards and achievement raised for ALL students

Support and time for ongoing teacher and staff professional development

How can you help?

  1. Sign Up and register OR
  2. Stay Informed by checking in on data posted on the WEBSITE
  3. Share this initiative with others in the community OR
  4. Get Involved by attending district meetings, speaking out, writing letters and/or signing petitions.

How Do I  Use This Site?

The menu TABS on the top of this screen link to the following pages:

Goals: Outlines the goals, strategies and tactics of our grassroots, entirely volunteer organization.

Registration: Allows individuals to register if interesting in joining or supporting our efforts and enables receipt of periodic (limited) e-mails.

Budget: Links to the Norwalk Public School District website portal that contains the Budget Documents.

Link to Ed Websites:  Provides quick links to major educational organizations including: state websites, data portals, unions, curriculum and other reform organizations.

Contracts and Reports: Provides access to PDF files of independent assessment reports on Norwalk,  state and national studies on education reform, collective bargaining agreements, BoE Policy Documents and Connecticut legislative initiatives.

Data Updates:  Provides the MOST RECENT updated postings on national, state and local educational topics that impact Norwalk.  The menu on the right of the screen shows a calendar of Previous Posts as well as individual subject Categories.  When you click on the month of previous post or category subsection, the pages, data and report updates will be shown  and embedded in the posts themselves .

About Us:  Provides background bios on the Founding Members.

Our Reform Efforts:  Provides information on our Activities and Outputs to date.

Search Engine: At the top of each page is a search box to help you find the information you are looking for on the website. Enter one or more keywords and click on the ‘Search’ button to bring up a list of pages that may contain  documents and reports which are related to the word or words you have searched for.

Feedback: Public K-12 Education is a complicated topic however, we sincerely hope that you find the website easy to use, but if you have any suggestions for improvements or experience any problems please feel free to use the feedback link at the bottom of every web page.  Also, we rely heavily on our members, to provide much of the data that we post.  Feel free to share.  You can  also always  email the Web Team using the email address below: