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Aug 072012

Attached is a report prepared by GE in response to assessing Norwalk’s readiness to deploy the Common Core State Standards in 2014-15.  However, it reveals much more than that and touches upon the governance and status quo issues that have plagued Norwalk for over a decade.  The 21 page report – which you can quickly skim over in 10-15 minutes outlines the following (we apologize that it was scanned upside down, you’ll have to rotate it 🙂 )outlines the following:

GE Report On Norwalk

Our Strengths

  1. Steady student gains
  2. Quality instruction
  3. Common Formative Assessments
  4. Data Teams
  5. Relationships at School level
  6. Pockets of strong leadership
  7. Support for CCSS
  8. Some district structures
  9. General Support for new Superintendent her reforms but many political challenges

 Our Challenges

  1. Communication & Consistent Practices
  2. Schools reflect independent ‘city states’
  3. Inadequate funding
  4. Limited capacity for implementation of CCSS
  5. Lack of technical capacity
  6. BOE politics and dysfunction
  7. Leadership tension and constant change
  8. Over involvement of union leadership

In light of Dr. Marks’ resignation, we would like  our readers to call  particular attention to items 6, 7 and 8 in the Challenges Section of this document.     While Norwalk is not in such dire straits as other school districts, it is UNDER-PERFORMING and we believe it has much to do with the adult actions.   This GE Report, reflects  a common theme that was written up by Price Waterhouse in 2002, in a Cambridge Report in 2007 and a Special Education Report by CREC in 2008.  Must children, parents and the community be forced to wait until these individuals retire before we can truly embrace reform?