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Feb 262012

While the leadership of REd APPLES  has long advocated along with many others about the  gross inequities and arbitrary formula for the disbursement of the Educational Cost Sharing (ECS) funds from Hartford,  the Governor’s Education Reform Bill (S.B. 24) presented another opportunity for a delegation of  representatives to once again argue our city’s financial plight.

As the 6th largest city in the state and with a free and reduced lunch student population at 44%,  Norwalk get’s a only a fraction of what it should get.  This is especially disconcerting when one factors in the income tax revenues  sent to our state’s capital.   Because Hartford claims to use a  formula based largely on the the Grand List of property tax values,  Norwalk  is treated  and viewed like  a Darien or Westport when it is obvious, we are not.  Other cities that are wealthier than Norwalk, with fewer free and reduced lunch students AND fewer students altogether get more than Norwalk.

There are provisions in the Governor’s Education Reform Bill (S.B. 24) that address education funding.  As such, Norwalk made a very good showing last week in the Education Committee hearings to make the case for Norwalk.  Below are the transcripts from the testimonies of Norwalk Representative and House Minority Leader, Larry Cafero,  Mayor Richard Moccia,  Board of Education Chairman Jack Chiaramonte,  Board of Education Finance Chair, Steven Colorassi, REd  Apple’s Co-Founder,  Lisa Thomson,  and NEF and REd Apples Co Founder, Lauren Rosato.

2012SB-00024-R000222-Representative Larry Cafero-TMY

2012SB-00024-R000222-Richard A. Moccia-TMY

2012SB-00024-R000221-Jack Chiaramonte-TMY

2012SB-00024-R000222-Steven Colarossi-TMY

2012SB-00024-R000222-Lisa Thomson-TMY

Lauren Rosato_HB 5014

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