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Feb 282012

About this survey

ConnCan hired  Davis, Hibbitts & Midghall, Inc. (DHM Research) to conduct a telephone survey of Connecticut teachers and administrators to determine their opinions on education reform in the state.

Research Methodology: Between January 10 and 12, 2012, DHM Research conducted a telephone survey of 400 teachers and administrators that took an average of 12 minutes to
administer. This is a sufficient sample size to assess opinions generally and to review findings by multiple subgroups, including gender, length of experience, and assignment

The sample used for the random survey started with a list of 51,000 education professionals obtained from the Connecticut State Department of Education. For this study, certain types
of education professionals were excluded from the sample list (e.g., school librarians). The final sample was drawn from a list of approximately 26,000 full-time classroom teachers
and administrators (5% of the sample) with home phone numbers.

The survey contains questions regarding: opinions on school staffing policies, what teachers think should matter most in reviewing or furthering teacher certification, personal experiences, in their schools,  regarding teacher performance, whether they have experienced wage freezes as a result of the economy, what their biggest challenges are as public school teachers in general and a host of other questions.

Click below to access the results of the survey.


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