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May 212011

To Members of the Board Of Education:

We’re down to the wire now with the proposed cuts and it’s not going to be pretty.  Unless the two largest collective bargaining units can come to some financial agreement, we will have to live with the superintendent’s painful list of budget cuts.

There are NO GOOD CUTS!

We all know that specific members of NPS, or organizations or job categories get repeatedly mentioned in the blogs and press  but the fact remains that everybody in education is protected by a contract (individual or collectively bargained for) that makes little provision  about their actual performance and whether or not they do it well or poorly.  As parents, taxpayers, businesses and community members, we must hope that the Board of Education and union leadership will support Dr. Marks as she tries to balance the budget while at the same time protecting our most valuable future asset – the children of Norwalk.

Aside from that, the only thing that parents, residents and members of the BOE can do is write and speak with local politicians, as well as, our State Representatives and Senator and DEMAND their support for education in Norwalk and fight for reform. Currently, the Education Committee in Hartford is debating things like fair ECS funding and an end to LIFO and implementation of adult accountability measures, so that when reductions come or changes need to be made in personnel, they can be based upon performance and not local cronyism or 25+ years of NPS politics.

This community and this Board of Education need to come together and support Dr. Marks.  We can and MUST do better.  As painful as it is, the BOE must reconcile the budget ASAP so that we can get on with the task at hand …educating our children.

Thank you.

Lisa Thomson

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