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Our Reform Efforts


REd APPLES of Norwalk – Activities, Contributions & Outputs To Date

  • Successfully advocated for Norwalk to be selected as 1 of 10 districts (out of 36 that applied) for the CT State PEAC Evaluation Pilot for Administration and Teachers for 2012-13 School Year
  • Advocated and participated in bi-partisan effort for ECS (educational Cost Sharing) formula by getting Norwalk State Representatives and Board of Education members to travel to Hartford and protest on Norwalk’s behalf.
  • Advocated for a baseline audit of NPSs appraisal process and rating system of teachers on a BY SCHOOL basis, so as it identify consistency and  fair execution of the process by administration.
  • Submitted verbal and written testimony in Hartford at the opening of the 2012 State Legislative Session in support of Senate Bill 24 and ECS formula.
  • Advocated for the district to post on the Nowalk Public School website the 2010-11 School Climate Survey on school by school basis and to finally share staff and parent comments with Principal despite a 6 month, foot-dragging protest by NASA and NFT leadership.
  • Co-hosted a Community Conversation @ Fat Cat Pie with Norwalk 2.0, in an effort to bring more community attention to the need for more civility in our public discourse with government officials. Conducted a survey and posted on-line and with the local press.
  • Co-hosted 6 Candidate Forums for Election 2011 in concert with the League of Women Voters- Norwalk, Coalition of Norwalk Neighborhood Association, The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and the Norwalk Education Foundation.
  • Established connections with other education reform lobbyists groups across the state and country including CONNCAN, Educators for Excellence and Students First.
  • Submitted verbal and written testimonies in Hartford during the 2011 Session on various education reform initiatives including education finance reform and the need for performance based measures to be taken into account instead of the sole policy of Last In First Out with regard to staff layoffs.
  • Compiled and posted various student data, education reform documents and staffing contracts pertaining to education.
  • Contributed multiple editorial opinions to local press and blogs regarding education reform initiatives.
  • Co-hosted a debate with the League of Women Voters for State Senate and House candidates regarding their positions on education reform in Connecticut.
  • Helped to drive and broker a more transparent process in the 2010-11 school budget cycle between the City Board of Estimation and Taxation, Unions and District.
  • Provided ongoing support to the district regarding the need for more professional development and grants for early childhood literacy.
  • Submitted letter of support and endorsement for South Norwalk Charter School as proposed by Reverend Lindsay Curtis.
  • Advocated for the leadership of the Norwalk Federation of Teachers Union to participate in the state mandated District Data Driven Management Team meetings directed at school growth and student improvements after 2 years of non-participation.
  • Advocated for Race To The Top when the Norwalk Public School District WAS NOT going to participate and got the district and B.O.E. to sign off on the application.
  • Played an active community role in 2009 Norwalk B.O.E. Elections (although REd  APPLES was not formerly organized/launched until  February, 2010).
  • Established www.redapplesnorwalk.org website and registered approximately 125 members and growing (parents, PTC Presidents, taxpayers, politicians and local businesses city wide).